Your responses to this survey are anonymous!
There is no way that your responses can be linked to you.
Here's how we make sure:
You do not enter your name or employee id in the survey.
Your responses come directly to NDNQI®.
NDNQI will not give your hospital access to your individual responses.

NDNQI will provide your hospital a report summarizing responses.
This report includes less detail from items asking for your personal characteristics than from items asking for your opinion:
  • Items asking for your opinion:
    • Are provided as a unit average (average of all responses from your unit)
    • Are not provided for units with less than 5 responses
  • Items asking for your personal characteristics, such as gender, age, and education:
    • Are provided as an average of all units in your hospital (average of all unit averages)
    • Are not provided for hospitals with less than 5 responses or only one unit

Participation in this survey is voluntary. If you choose not to participate, your job will not be affected. Please contact us with any questions about the survey at or 855-304-9788.

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