Pressure Injury Survey Guide

Pressure Injury Survey Team Training

Initial Training

New team leaders and members should receive training on:

  • Guidelines and procedures required by the organization for which the data are being collected
    • For NDNQI, new team leaders and members must be familiar with NDNQI® Guidelines for Data Collection and Submission on Pressure Injuries
    • These guidelines provide specific directions for data collection on pressure injuries and pressure injury prevention that will be submitted to NDNQI
  • Skin assessment for pressure injuries
  • Pressure injury risk assessment
  • NPUAP pressure injury staging system
    • Definition of Stage 1-4 pressure injuries
    • Definition of:
      • Unstageable pressure injuries
      • Deep Tissue Pressure Injury (DTPI)
      • Mucosal Membrane Pressure Injuries
  • Pressure injury appearance
    • Review schematic drawings and example pictures of pressure injuries by stage
    • Bedside observation of pressure injuries by stage
  • Determination of whether the pressure injury is related to a medical device
  • Other wound types and skin injuries for differentiation from pressure injuries
  • Differentiation among community-, hospital-, and unit-acquired pressure injuries
  • Data for extraction from the patient record

New team leaders and members should participate in a practice survey (pilot test) of data collection procedures. Acceptable inter-rater reliability of pressure injury identification and staging should be established. NDNQI hospitals can access inter-rater reliability forms on the member web site.