Pressure Injury Survey Guide

Conduct the Study - Chart Review

Demographic Data


  • Review the medical record to determine patient age
  • For patients older than 90, record age as 90
    • Assigning patients over 90 to the 90 or older age group satisfies HIPAA regulations on patient privacy
    • Elderly patients are at higher risk for pressure injuries when mobility, skin quality, and circulation decline

  • For Neonatal ICU patients, record gestational age at birth
    • The earlier the gestational age, the greater the risk for skin injury
    • At 24 weeks, there may be no stratum corneum
    • By 30 weeks, the epidermis is only 2 to 3 cells thick. Also, cohesiveness between the dermis and epidermis is lower because of the smaller number of elastin and collagen fibers.
    • Subcutaneous fat tissue accumulates after 28 weeks


  • Review the medical record to determine patient gender and record this data
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