Pressure Injury Survey Guide

After Data Collection

Review Reported Rates


  • Focus is all patients with pressure injuries at a point in time
  • Includes BOTH
    • Patients who were admitted to the hospital with a pressure injury AND
    • Patients who acquired a pressure injury after admission to the hospital (facility)

Calculation of Prevalence Rate

Hospital (Facility) Acquired Pressure Injury

  • Focus is patients who acquired a pressure injury after admission to the hospital (facility)
  • Intended to differentiate hospital (facility) pressure injuries from those acquired in the community (prior to admission)
  • Accurate complete admission skin assessments and documentation are important to the reliability of hospital (facility) acquired pressure injury rates

Calculation of Hospital (Facility) Acquired Pressure Injury Rate

Unit Acquired Pressure Injury

  • Unit acquired pressure injuries are a subset of hospital acquired pressure injuries and a NDNQI specific measure
  • Intended to differentiate pressure injuries that are acquired on the survey unit from pressure injuries that are acquired on other units

Medical Device Related Pressure Injuries

  • Any hospital acquired pressure injury known to be related to a medical device should be noted during data collection.
  • Medical device related pressure injuries require unique assessment and prevention strategies.
  • Data on the number of hospital acquired and unit acquired pressure injuries that are related to medical devices will be reported to facilitate quality improvement measures.